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Roaming Schoolhouse gives children vital support in reinforcing their command of English and improving their chances of entering bilingual schools such as Camille See and Balzac. 

Our qualified teachers work with a programme that has been developed since 2006 to reflect the subjects learned at equivalent age groups in the UK and Ireland. Classes focus on English, History, Geography and Creative Writing as described in the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2.

Living in France, it is only natural for French to become your child’s dominant language.  By spending an hour and a half in a structured school environment every week, your child’s English will be reinforced through stories, literature, games, discussion, music and debate.

Our classes target children with native or near-native English speaking ability. If you have any questions on whether or not our classes are right for your child, please contact us at team@roamingschoolhouse.com.

The programmes for each class are available below, including details on the Exam Preparation support we provide (see Junior section for more) .


Infants (Moyenne Section to CP)

These classes focus mainly on the spoken word – songs, stories and other activities related to the topics and themes to be discussed (family, food, travel etc.) The children have two bespoke workbooks, one topic based and the other to gently introduce phonics and writing through a workbook based on Jolly Phonics.

Junior (CE1 to CM2)

We introduce the children to written English through our literacy programme, again focusing on a topic or theme (the human body, Egyptians, weather etc.) while reinforcing the written word through exercises from the workbooks we provide.  In 2013-14 we introduced creative writing workshops with the help of Sarah Towle. These workshops are now a pivotal part of our programme.

These are crucial years, especially for those parents looking to enroll their children in one of the international schools from 6ème onwards.  We help in exam preparation and give extra work as part of the year’s programme.

Being with us in CM1 is already a stepping stone for children as they begin to think about preparing for the entrance exams for different international schools.

A special mention about our CM2 Exam Preparation classes: our team has years of experience helping our students successfully prepare for entrance exams for schools like Massillon, Sévigné, Institut La Tour and the public schools’ international sections. Support is provided in the form of learning test taking techniques, practice reading comprehensions and creative writing, as well as interview practice. A separate Exam Preparation camp is also offered, as well as weekend boot camps.

Secondary (Collège)

The themes from 6ème onwards become more developed as we expect the children to be more independent, including writing the RSH newspaper, debating current issues, creating podcasts etc.  We continue to test their grammar and spelling through different exercises.

Specific classes are also available for those interested in studying for the IGSCE or Cambridge exams.   

Class schedules and locations

We have a wide range of classes offered in various locations in Paris and near suburbs, Monday through Saturday. Classes are also available online at all levels. Please have a look at our current class schedule, or check our future classes for the next year.

Our class locations can be found here.

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