Interested in an international section?

Then think about signing up your child to the Exam Prep camp coming up, from 20 - 24 February.  The week is organized to allow for a lot of reading comprehension and writing practice, and there will be mock interviews .....

For more information/ to sign up, visit our Camps page

And consider going to Open Houses when possible! The next ones we are aware of:

Collège Voltaire (in the 11th): Saturday, January 14  (9h - 12h)

Collège Camille Sée (in the 15th): Saturday, February 11 (from 9h30)

We can't wait for classes to start!!

Classes start the week of September 12. Yes, as in next week - yeah! We can't wait to see your children's smiling faces and to have a great year with them. 


An email with be going out with details on what to bring for class and in case you don't see it, the details are provided here too:

1) every child should have their own pencil case in class, much like what they would bring to their regular school, with writing implements (pen/ pencil), eraser, scissors, glue, colored pencils/ pens.

Exciting news for RSH in 2022/ 2023!

(17/ 5/ 22 shared today in a newsletter to families also)

We have some exciting news to share with you about Roaming Schoolhouse in 2022/ 2023! We are currently in the process of changing RSH to be be an association. This kind of organization will create more opportunities for what classes/ camps/ events we can offer (and how) and we can't wait for the next school year to start so you can see for yourselves.