Roaming Schoolhouse is #BestJobEver. Originally, I got involved to save this invaluable service from closure, initially for my own children but now after 11 years of involvement, I have lost count of the number of children that have spoken English, had fun and made friends through our classes and camps. 700? 1,000? With CELTA and Jolly Phonics training as my qualifications, there's nothing I like to see more than the look of dawning realisation on a child's face.

With the move of RSH becoming an association, Derek stepped back from his day-to-day duties of running RSH, and became president of the association. People with questions on RSH classes, camps or administrative details, should now contact Gillian, Jennie, or Pardiese, on team@roamingschoolhouse.com



Gillian joined us in 2013 from Germany and was appointed Head Teacher in March 2014. She has taught at all levels in the UK, as well as having trained with OFSTED and advising on literacy and languages in Ealing. She hails from Chalfont St Peter in Bucks. In 2020, with her move to Germany and semi-retirement, she became Head of Online Content and Camp Director for RSH.

With the move of RSH becoming an association, Gillian has also taken on management responsibilities for the association, in her capacity as Camps and Online Content manager.


Jennie joined Roaming Schoolhouse in 2011, becoming Head Teacher in September 2020. She has two Master’s degrees in Education, with specialisms in applied linguistics and children and young people’s worlds. She also teaches IELTS preparation to young adults and is a qualified CELTA teacher. Originally from England, Jennie lived in Austria for five years before moving to France. Her bilingual daughter is currently at university in England. When not teaching, Jennie enjoys baking, knitting or sewing at home, and swimming with her diving club.

With the move of RSH becoming an association, Jennie has also taken on management responsibilities for the association, as the Pedagogical Manager. 



Britt joined us in early 2018, bringing her experience as the mother of trilingual children (English/ French/ German) and having lived in many different corners of the world. She is South African and is a qualified Celta teacher. Her passions are feeding the soul, learning new languages, open water swimming and enjoying the French lifestyle. "In learning, there are no full stops but only commas."




Pardiese joined us in late 2019, to help with the administrative side of RSH. With a Bachelor’s in International Relations/ Economics and an MBA, she has worked with both small and large businesses, before coming to RSH. Pardiese also teaches English to engineering students at the ESTP Paris.

As the mother of 2 bilingual children going through the French education system, she certainly knows what RSH parents are going through in the choices they face for their children’s education. Originally from the US, Pardiese has also lived in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Japan, before being in France for the past 20 years. When not working for RSH or teaching, Pardiese is very involved in singing classical music, singing with both the Paris Choral Society and the American Cathedral choir.


Alison joined us in 2020 after teaching in Italy for over 30 years. She is a qualitifed Cambridge examiner and is teaching some of our CE, CM and collège classes this year. She loves the challenge that each new school year brings and she is never happier than when she is in the classroom. She comes from Devon, a county still close to her heart. Italy is a great country in which to explore her passion for history but Paris is providing fresh insights and is a wonderful city for another hobby – walking. She has two grown up, bilingual children.



Jodie is a primary school teacher from England. She joined the RSH team at the beginning of the 2021/ 2022 school year and is currently teaching a couple of our Maternelle/ CP and CM classes, and has helped out in our camps as well. She has a Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Criminology, which led her on a trip around South Asia, teaching children English. In her free time she likes to paint, travel and bake. She aims to continue her career in teaching and complete her PGCE whilst in Paris. 


Originally from England, Catherine has been living in France for the past 20 years. She is a qualified UK secondary school teacher and a Montessori teacher. For the past 5 years Catherine has worked in schools in and around Paris. She has 2 teenage bilingual children. When she’s not working, Catherine enjoys walking and is currently learning to play the banjo!