Are you excited for the first day of classes?

We certainly are! Here are some key details to keep in mind as we head to our first classes of the year:

1) First day of RSH classes: classes start the week of September 13

2) What to bring to class: a pencil case (pencils, colors, scissors, glue, eraser). CE kids and up should also bring a notebook. We will provdie the appropriate workbook for each class.

3) Covid protocols: we are following protocols in line with what is followed by the Ministry of Education. Masks are required for classes, except for children of maternelle age (5 and below - but they are welcome to wear masks if the parents would like them to, of course). We will plan for replacement classes, where possible, in the case of class closures.

4) New families: Welcome! Derek or a senior member of the RSH team will be present in each class in the first week, to do a little presentation to the parents present, to give information on the year to come. Parents can ask questions then or call Derek at another time if they want.

We're looking forward to seeing your children very soon!