Coronavirus Cancellations

 It is absolutely not possible to facilitate distance learning with a primary aged child and work from home at the same time. The very idea is nonsense. If you're trying to do that, stop now. You can certainly have activities where your child learns, but your focus is your job, and survival. Again, unprecedented. Stop trying to be superheroes.

If our activities help, all to the good. If not, don't sweat it.

Roaming Schoolhouse will be operating in line with the government's guidelines. 

All classes are currently cancelled as are the Spring Camps in Paris and Lyon. Each teacher is uploading work to be done on the website that you will see under homework. We are looking at using Google classroom and Zoom. Children in CM2 who are interested will receive special Exam Prep work, in preparation for entrance exams to Balzac, Camille See etc.

Stay safe. Stay calm. Stay happy.