Online classes: new for 2020/21

Our philosophy has always been to hold classes that kids can get to easily, hence the «roaming» in our name.

However, sometimes we are not able to find a suitable location or we don’t have enough children of the right age to create a class. Parents also lead busy lives and find it difficult to find the time to take their children to a class.

Online classes provide a solution to these problems.

In addition, where we would have scoffed at the idea a year ago, we found that online classes work much better than expected.

Starting in September, Gillian will be offering online classes for CE, CM and College children. And due to demand we have added 2 CP classes as well. Each session will be very interactive - classes won’t just be your child sitting in front of a computer for an hour! There will be opportunities for group  and individual work through shared documents, short video and discussions, as well as the chance to take part in video and audio projects. Each session will include the 4 Cs of 21st century learning: critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration. Children will be encouraged to use the home environment as part of their learning. The possibilities are endless as to what we can do…

Each class will be linked to a Google classroom, where children can access class resources and upload their homework to be marked, with individual feedback given to help each child improve. There will also be the opportunity to do a face to face session once a term, and 3 one on one sessions during the year, organized on demand. 

Why not give our online classes* a try? Gillian is happy to offer trial sessions in September.

* The class days and times currently on the website are flexible, and could change based on the group demand.