A poem about us written by Chris White



A few days ago, I was given the chance

To visit the Roaming Schoolhouse in France

We all came together and found, pretty soon

How much you could cram into one afternoon

Children and parents, author and staff

Found that poetry’s fun and it’s ok to laugh

We created, imagined, we wrote, and we drew

We adopted a penguin from Edinburgh Zoo

Certificates passed to pupil from teacher

We made up our very own crazy new creature

The pupils were perfect, so sparky and kind

A nicer bunch of people you couldn’t hope to find

I felt more welcomed with each passing hour

The good vibes climbed higher than the Eiffel Tower

The whole room was filled with brilliance and joy

From every man, woman, from each girl and boy.



The thought then hit me like a boxing glove

This is why they call Paris the City of Love.


But thanks to The Roaming Schoolhouse, I implore

The title should add just a little bit more…

I had such a great time, I’ll tell everyone

It’s the City of Love, Learning and FUN.

Chris came to visit us for our Open Day and was absolutley splendid. He is an award-winning children's poet and illustrator. Everyone who went to his workshop came out saying that they had become poets and artists!