Roaming Book Club

What better time than World Book Day to launch the Roaming Schoolhouse Book Club?? Here it is!

In response to the many requests we have received from students and parents for book recommendations, and seeing how enthusiastic our students are in class about sharing and presenting the books they have enjoyed reading, we decided to create a website for you. Thanks to Jennie (conceptualising), Jessica (volunteering to build it) and Alice (artistic guidance), we have designed an easy-to-navigate, family-friendly space for you -  all we need now is for you and your kids to get involved!

It’s a unique opportunity for students to get recommendations from teachers and others of their own age, to write book reviews, to share ideas and, most importantly, to have fun! There are many plans afoot, including voting for a book of the month, holding competitions and meeting guest authors – but the most important contributions are your book recommendations, so please print out a template and start sending them in.

And if your child likes dressing up as their favorite book character & wants to share the picture with the rest of the community, send the photo in by 15 March - this is the theme of our first competition for the Book Club! The winners in each age category will win a €10 Shakespeare & Co book token.

We can't wait to see what you think about the Book Club - let us know!