Roaming Schoolhouse is one big, nice & friendly family

Elliott B. joined us for his 3eme stage in December. During the week he got to meet with the different RSH staff to learn what they do, observe classes, and also help out in classes and camp. See following what Elliott had to say about this time with RSH so far....

My journey with Roaming Schoolhouse

My first RSH memory is from my second year, after I joined when I was 5. I remember sitting on my teacher's chair whenever she got up and, of course, I wouldn't get up again (kids, don't do what I did!). That was Gillian's first year with RSH.

Since then, I have grown up with RSH, experiencing different teachers, and I have learnt how to read (and have read Harry Potter three time). This year I am doing the IGSCE prep class online and am aiming to take the entrance exam for an international section in lycée. Ultimately I want to go to university in England. All thanks to RSH!

As a 3ème student, I had to do an intership. I was looking for an anglophone environment, and I thought of asking Derek if I could join the team for a week. It's been really interesting: I'm learning a lot and having fun!

This experience has confirmed my interest in education and studying language & literature. 

(written Dec 2021)