We can't wait for classes to start!!

Classes start the week of September 12. Yes, as in next week - yeah! We can't wait to see your children's smiling faces and to have a great year with them. 


An email with be going out with details on what to bring for class and in case you don't see it, the details are provided here too:

1) every child should have their own pencil case in class, much like what they would bring to their regular school, with writing implements (pen/ pencil), eraser, scissors, glue, colored pencils/ pens.

2) children in CE1 up should also have a notebook for writing - no requirements on size, it just needs to be something they can use for writing in class and for homework.

3) a small bottle of water can also be useful for them if they get thirsty during class time.  

And above all, they should bring their curiousity and good humour!