Congratulations to our Exam Prep students!

We can't let this year end without saying a special congratulations to all of our students who worked so hard this year in preparation for various entrance exams for 6eme and lycée. Whether they were in one of our Exam Prep year long classes, or the Exam Prep February camp, or our boot camp, or some combination of them, their hard work paid off. We are so proud of them and can't wait to hear what they do next year. Wherever our students choose to go, it will be a good path for them!

Exam Preparation support! See what we have to offer next year...

Roaming Schoolhouse has years of experience preparing their students for international section entrance exams at the collège and lycée levels for students wanting to obtain the BFI (previously known as the OIB). In person and online classes, weeklong and weekend boot camps are offered for specific exam preparation, to teach test taking techniques, offer targeted reading comprehension and creative writing support, as well as work to improve the oral expression necessary for the all-important interviews (including poetry analysis).