High Frequency Words

You may have heard them called tricky words. These are the words that we come across regularly and bascially have weird spellings. This makes them difficult for bilingual children where English is their minority language. They may well recognise them in a text, because of context but writing them is much more difficult.

You can download these words below to help improve your child's English.

Transport Strike: classes 20-25 January 2020

(Click on the title above to read more) Except for Saturday 25 January, all classes are back to normal times and teachers.

Saturday classes are cancelled due to the unavailability of the church hall.

Please accept our apologies for all the inconvenience caused during the strike. We would also like to thank all of you for your understanding and we are working towards solutions to compensate you. 

Back to school!

All classes start the week commencing 9 September 2019. We hope you had a "bonne rentrée" at French school and are looking forward to your year with us.